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Other Useful Files


1. Auto IFMS Settings  :      

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This is a small exe file, which is designed to make IFMS (Punjab Treasury bills website) rerelated ECS and Digital Signature  (Java & Internet Explorer) settings automatically. When you will run this file this will make all required settings automatically. This file is common for 32 bit & 64 bit systems.

Date 17-01-2019 File Size 287.81 KB Download 8379 Download


 2. GPF Calculation Sheet  :      

GPF Interest Calculation HOT
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This Excel File is pre-formatted to calculate the GPF Interest and GPF statement for multiple years.
Date 25-06-2019 File Size 0 B Download 4524 Download


3. ACR Tools (MS Excel File) :      

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             This is MS Excel file to get ACRs printed. This is designed to print ACR of School Education department (Teaching, Non-Teaching & Group D) employees only. This include all different types of proforma of teachers. Non-Teaching and Group D employees proforma are also included in this file. After download extract the zip file and then open given Excel file.
Date 03-06-2019 File Size 163.65 KB Download 6314 Download



  4. Data Compiler (MS Excel File) : 

      Data Compiler is a MS Excel File which is helpful to compile/assemble data from different MS Excel files to one MS Excel file. This file is macro enabled MS Excel file. So after opening the file there may be warning message about macro, so enable macro to use this file. 

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This is a macro enabled MS Excel file. After downloading extract the zip file. Open MS Excel file "Data Compiler by J.S.Sandhu". Enable macro for this file. Read instruction carefully given in the file.

Date 25-02-2015 File Size 35.51 KB Download 2951 Download




5. Add Bill No. & Page Setting (MS Excel File) : 

         Bill No. is a MS Excel File which is helpful to add bill No. and bill date to MS Excel files of Pay Bill and Pay Schedules downloaded from iHRMS website. This will also do the page setup on A4 size of all files. 

Add Bill No and Date in Excel Files HOT
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This is macro enabled MS Excel file to add Bill No. and Date in Excel Files of Pay Bill & Schedules downloaded form iHRMS website. This will also make page setup settings on A4 size and will compile all related Excel files to one Excel files with multiple sheets. After download extract zip file and open given Excel file. Enable macros before using file.

Date 05-08-2018 File Size 35.71 KB Download 1773 Download



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